Confederation Primary Care Property (CPCP) appoints their FM Partner

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CPCP has recently undertaken an options appraisal of facilities management (FM) providers in the city in order to provide a citywide service that will achieve cost savings by purchasing at scale as well as support practice managers and their teams by reducing the time they spend focussing on FM.

Seven providers currently operating in Leeds were initially contacted, some of whom currently work with practices. They were asked to provide a list of the services they offer and from this there were four providers who offered the comprehensive service we need.

Each of the providers was then given a practice to survey and to submit a summary of the work they would expect to do and the cost of this.

This review of the proposals took into consideration the following:

<meta charset=”utf-8″><strong>Matrix of services</strong>

Can the provider deliver a “one stop shop” service, and if not can they provide a selection of services that can meet one of the key areas; soft FM, hard FM etc.?

<meta charset=”utf-8″><strong>Cos</strong>t

The costing will need to be competitive overall.

<meta charset=”utf-8″><strong>Management</strong>

How do they propose to manage the accounts, what infrastructure is already in place and what work will be need to be undertaken to take on the CPCP as  a new client? Is there a helpdesk and cloud based dashboard management system available?

<meta charset=”utf-8″><strong>Accreditations</strong>

What accreditations does the company have and how well established are they?

<meta charset=”utf-8″><strong>Above and beyond</strong>

What other services can they provide that have not been initially considered?

Following this review, we are pleased to announce that Servo Group have been secured as the new FM partner for CPCP.

They are well established in Leeds providing full FM, cleaning and security services to a number of large organisations.

Established in 2013, key members of staff have over 50 years’ experience in this sector, forming key partnerships with others so that they have secured their position in the industry as a reliable one stop shop for all things FM.

Servo already have a team in place to mobilise this service but have plans in place to increase their work force within Leeds by up to 100, dependant on uptake of the service by the GPs in the city.

With assurance all employees will be from Leeds, this is a great win for the city.

They will be providing the following services with practices being able to pick and choose from services as they need:

  • Property maintenance and repairs
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Decorating
  • Gas safety and PAT testing
  • Energy performance
  • Air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Legionella – water testing
  • Waste management – hazardous, general, recycling
  • Fire safety checks  – alarm fitting, maintaining and testing
  • Pest control
  • Security  – CCTV and guards.

Each practice signing up for the service will receive the following benefits:

  • Full audit of assets and review of all their FM suppliers – demonstrating a saving on costs within each/most services.
  • Each practice will get access to their own FM schedule, bills, certificates etc (via a portal).
  • All compliance responsibilities fall with Servo Group.
  • Each practice will be different; however they will all save both time and money – allowing the practice managers to carry out their duties rather than manage their building.
  • Servo will provide security signage FOC on all their active FM sites.
  • Once 10 practices have signed up, Servo will start nightly patrols with a dedicated van FOC. The van patrols the surgeries and will ‘visit’ each site multiple times throughout night, giving peace of mind that the practice is secure.

We are really pleased to be able to find a local provider that can deliver on all aspects of FM for primary care in Leeds.

It is our hope that this partnership with Servo group will reduced the direct FM costs in primary care as well as freeing up time for practice staff to focus on the important part of our service, our patients.

Servo will contact practices over the coming weeks alternatively you can contact the Confed Estates team on and they will arrange for someone to call you straight away.