Confederation Primary Care Property (CPCP)

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At the start of this year the need for an estates proposition for Primary Care in Leeds was identified which prompted the set up of  Confederation Primary Care Property (CPCP).

CPCP is a not for profit community interest company their objective being to provide and support the development of a robust and sustainable primary care to better the wider system in its delivery of the best care for the health and wellbeing of the people and communities of Leeds and surrounding areas.

There are four main services that they will provide;

  1. Lease Management
  2. Centralised Facilities Management
  3. Sale and Lease Back options
  4. Support for practices in shared building

These were identified as being the most important to practices and we will over the coming weeks update you on each of the services in more detail and also how you can access them.

However, the service that attracted the most interest was a centralised facilities management service so we have focused over the summer on getting this is in place and we are now ready to launch the service, see separate attachment.

If you would like more information on any of the services please email